Water bullet gun upgrade material outer tube 19 concave convex tube can be added topspin 14 reverse teeth muffler fire hat PI15

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Red a Set(60MMM + 130MM + 160MM + 220MM):32
black a Set(60MMM + 130MM + 160MM + 220MM):32
Guide gas seat black: 17.00
Guide gas seat red : 17.00
Guide gas seat silvery :17.00
black 14MMreverse teeth silencer:21
red 14MMreverse teeth silencer:21
Triangular sight:18
concave and convex pipe 14 reverse teeth silvery:10
60mm black:9.8
120mm black:11.5
220mm black:15
130mm black:13.8
60mm red:9.8
120mm red:11.5
220mm red:15
130mm red:13.8
universal ring:15.5

Dimensions after product packaging about:15cm * 12cm* 5cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.120Kilogram