Outdoor water bullet gun jinming8 gen8 explosive changing wave box upgraded modification fitting XM316 black cow case SCARv2 NA09

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US dollar price: 
jinming8 Highest cave box :215.98
jinming8 gen8 Original edition cave box :29.12
Spring :7.38
Cylinder :16.48
high ladder :21.38
trigger :14.68
Gear group :18.32
Beat head :19.28

Dimensions after product packaging about:25cm * 12cm* 5cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.250kg

Jinming8 gen8 burst revision
The 13 configuration is comprehensive evolution, trajectory :optimization, range enhancement.
Special upgraded gear sets                                                                                   Special all gear crystal ladder
Upgraded double O ring sealed mute head for special aviation                           Special upgraded version of radiator tube
Special upgraded version of pull Bridge                                                               Line diameter 102 high strength and stable equidistant springs
Custom upgraded version 3500 turn motor                                                          Sweden imports SKF bearing cup
German import switch                                                                                           Enhanced airtight upgraded version of mirror inner tube
Bold upgraded version of line SM plug bar                                                           CNC upgraded version trigger
Dedicated mute head upgrade version                                                                 (muzzle speed 80  range 30m  straight 20m )