Jinming8 Motor wave box modification Universal high speed high torque axis 370D High torque motor modified wave box accessorie QI13

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NO. QI13
US dollar price:
Red Devils two :15.00
Blue motor :19.00
Gold motor :28.00
Silver motor :12.50
Dimensions after product packaging about:12cm * 8cm* 3cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.200Kilogram

Explanation: about motor speed,It's not that the higher the speed is, the better,At the same time, the torque of the motor must be considered,

The greater the torque, the stronger the ability to drive the spring,The farther the shooting!Under the same conditions, the stronger the magnetism of the magnet used in the motor, the greater the torque, but the speed will decrease!The price of the motor is mainly determined by the material of the permanent magnet. The stronger the magnetism, the higher the price.


Torque:Gold motor(sintered rare earth magnetic)>Blue motor(bonded rare earth magnetic)>Red Devils two(ordinary ferromagnetic)

Torque:Gold motor>Blue motor>Red Devils two

Speed:Red Devils two>Blue motor>Gold motor


1、The blue motor is customized for the shop owner and belongs to the first-line refitted motor,

Use no-burn motor on 11.1v 25C lithium battery, you can use it safely!

The adhesive rare earth magnetic technology, strong magnetic high torque!

Use carbon brush, high quality silicon steel rotor, reduce the load current, not easy to burn motor!

The housing has butterfly orifice, high quality double ball bearing, the advantage is high speed, long life when large torque, lower noise, better reliability and stability!



2、At present, the electric motors with various color shells on the market all have the same appearance, but the performance configuration is not necessarily the same. Consumers should look at the following points when selecting rare earth magnets. First, sintering rare earth magnets and bonding rare earth magnets are superior to general permanent magnets. Second, double ball bearing, better than single ball bearing; The third is the butterfly orifice shell, some of which have no butterfly orifice, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.Four,the lower the load current, the lower the less easy to burn the motor!


3. At the bottom of the motor, there is a positive pole with a red point, and a negative pole without a red point! The reverse electrode will cause the motor to rotate in reverse, and it will be stuck by the lunar tooth in the wave box. After installing in the wave box, if you find the motor is stuck or not rotating, the motor and the battery become hot, please check whether the positive and negative poles are connected backwards.