Jinming water bullet gun 3D refit accessory XM316 escape from tarkov CQR brother version SRQ Rear grip Kit Outdoor sports CS KI73

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Jinming 8 rear support+rear grip:64
XM316 rear support+rear grip :64
LDT416/TTM/Magaip/BD556/Jinming9/ rear support+rear grip :71

Before the grip:34
XM316Before the grip:34
Universal extension block:14
Heighten the gills 1cm:14
Universal rear grip:20

Dimensions after product packaging about:20cm * 17cm* 5cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.200Kilogram


Jinming8      XM316
Refit fittings of lower water supply projectile
3D printing water projectile toy accessories
Only applicable to the casing and XM316 casing of jinming 8 casing
Lossless installation        Rear support Space is very big      
It takes 7~15 days to make the production after the order is placed.
Dear customer, please wait for a moment after ordering
This shop will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible after the production is completed.
Front grip length: 18CM, suitable for 20-21mm guideway
Rear support length: no extension seat 24CM, plus extension block 26.5CM.
Lengthening length: 2.5CM
Heighten the gills Plate thickness: 1CM