ABS adjustable upper spin jinming 8 generation gel ball water gun modification inner tube airtight wave box modification parts MI11

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US dollar price:14.99
Dimensions after product packaging about:15cm * 12cm* 2cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.100Kilogram

Cannula general   adjustable upper spin

The inner pipe interface is 9.5mm and the outer diameter is 15.8mm, which can be installed in the sleeve pipe with the inner diameter of 16mm

The size of the recommended water bomb is 7.0-7.5mm

Screw the top screw with the attached six angle 
wrench, adjust the friction angle of the top up, 
and tighten the spanner for 90 degrees until the 
satisfactory trajectory is satisfied.
When adjusting to the maximum friction angle, 
do not continue to screw down to prevent damage 
from topspin. In general, a good upper spin effect 
can be achieved by adjusting to moderate friction.