Different ACR fish bone jinming 8 generation straight insert gel ball water gun upgrade accessories MG TTM BD556 fish bone parts OA81

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US dollar price: 
MGP-TTM-BD556 : 89.99
XM316- Jinming 8 : 89.99
Dimensions after product packaging about:36cm * 25cm* 8cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 1.000kg

fish Bone long 18cm is built in 2 stability
The casing is 10cm+7cm pipe which can be inserted into  can be loaded into 16mm up spin
The inner diameter of the P7 in front of the chief 35cm is 19.10mm
No matter what version you buy, E old Jin Ming and the 1/2/3 generation MKM2 can be inserted directly.
Surface of oxidized subblack grinding sand
Under normal conditions, there will be some scratches in weak paint.
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