PB Playful bag New command tactics sniper game red green laser grip flashlight upgrade material gel ball gun rail 20mm21mm RI01

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US dollar price: 39.99
Dimensions after product packaging: 20 cm * 10 cm* 2 cm
Gross weight of product packaging: 0.260 Kilogram

High quality red laser grip torch tactics directing 21-22mm blaster laser 200 lumen upgrade accessories toy guns blackT64
The red  lights on the spot were black on the 21 millimeter flashlight.
Yes. 100% high quality is brand new.
Yes. Receiving high quality materials is durable.
Yes. The entire chassis is upgraded by aviation. The quality and structure of command products are very strong and not easy to be hurt.
Yes. High light has 200 light, high brightness, stable light source, ensure flash.
Yes. The side is loaded with green laser sugar. The rear part of the handle is equipped with a bright button to turn on the laser device quickly.
Yes. This laser device is more suitable for close combat. It can quickly aim at three points and one line of eyes.
Yes. There is a quick installation that can be easily installed and removed.
Yes. Warning: don't kiss people. Children must be supervised by adults.
Yes. Fit:20 mm guide, CR123 battery.
Yes. Use: over 14 years.
Technical characteristics:
Yes. Color: how to display.
Yes. Materials: upgrading materials
Yes. Weight: 350 grams.
Yes. Packing: carton.