The factory was established in 2008, mainly for European and American customers processing toys, after continuous accumulation and development, in 2014, the establishment of LAILE Tranding Co., Ltd . Set up its own product line, the main products include: children's toys, toy guns, toy gun accessories, outdoor sports supplies, 3D acrylic LED lights.
The company has a complete material development team and product development team, and new products are launched every week. Welcome to collect our website, and welcome to contact us.

We insists: product quality is the first requirement; material safety is the first fundamental; customer satisfaction is the first goal; efficient delivery is the first responsibility.

Safety and quality

◆Advanced instruments ensure accurate on-site measurements, and meticulously consult the customer's functional requirements to ensure that the basic design information is comprehensive and informative.
◆The products use non-toxic and safe materials and pass international safety testing to meet human health standards. Ensure the health of our customers.
◆The production audit system is carefully crafted for each piece of work, from the aspects of function, aesthetics, craftsmanship and cost.
◆The quality inspector tracking system will carry out safety inspection and appearance and color confirmation of the products to ensure the original taste of the works.

Best-selling Global

◆Established long-term cooperative relationship with many international logistics companies, the products sell well for 10 years in the world, with a total of 9 million customers.
◆Strict delivery and second-degree review system ensure that each parcel is delivered to the customer without any difference.
◆Familiar with customs procedures to ensure smooth product clearance, 20% faster than your peers.
◆We support wholesale and Dropshipping,No ads, no contact information. A total of 2,000 stores worldwide sell our products.

Update and after sales

◆Professional development team, professional accessories production, almost every week, new products launched.    
◆Materials upgrading, we have a professional material research team to upgrade materials. Products are more durable than others.
◆Comprehensive after-sales service, if you encounter any problems in purchasing our products, you can leave us a message, we have been insisting on online for 10 years.
◆Set up customer satisfaction tracking files and arrange regular contact and return visits to users.